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  As a transformational coach and certified medical intuitive, my purpose is to help you uncover the underlying reasons for poor health, low confidence, inertia and the cycles of repeating patterns that hold you back. My aim is to support you in making changes that enable you to move from a place of pain and overwhelm to one of abundant energy and clarity. 

I see through the limiting beliefs that restrict personal freedom and vitality and guide others to do the same so they can step freely into the most authentic version of themselves and live a deeply satisfying, soul-led life. 

If you long for clarity in certain areas of your life, improved vitality and a sense of inner calm, then I invite you to work with me and begin your journey of self-exploration.

  Reconnect to your inner wisdom, realise your true power and align fully with your goals and heart's desires.

My Philosophy

My belief is that health and happiness should not be things that we strive hard to achieve or just wish for, but that they can flow to us with ease. I believe that understanding and fully accepting who we are, even those parts of ourselves that we don't like, is key to making lasting changes. When we shine a light on our shadows, we begin to understand ourselves more fully, to accept all the parts of who we are and to alchemise the lead of pain into gold.

My training has have enabled me to develop an in-depth, whole being approach to supporting you; body, mind and soul.



BSc (hons) Chartered physiotherapy

MSc Health Ergonomics 

Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner (The Medical Intuition School)

Diploma Nutritional Therapy (DipION)

Diploma Naturopathic Nutrition 

Professional Certificate in Psychedelics, Altered States of Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology

I am fully insured, registered with The Health Professions Council, IACMT, IICT, IPHM



Individual coaching/medical intuition

Couples/relationship coaching

Specialist integration therapy for non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Nutritional Therapy

Claire and her dogs
Claire Doherty, intuitive coach, psychedelic guide, walking in nature

How I Can Help You ?

We are all unique; metabolically, physically, energetically and emotionally, which is why different approaches for optimising health and wellbeing work for each of us. Each of us has a different story, and those stories are a part of what affects our health and wellbeing.

Together we form a partnership, to help you make shifts toward your goals, whether they be physical, spiritual or emotional. With this in mind, my aim is to help you find your own unique strengths, whilst supporting you on your journey to understanding your own body and soul, as I help uncover the underlying issues.

My philosophy is to encourage you to do more of what helps you feel energised and empowered, rather than trapped and restricted, and to embrace yourself with compassion.

 Archetypal Alchemy Training

Archetypal Alchemy is a gentle, compassionate technique that nurtures conscious awareness of behaviours and beliefs, leading to a greater understanding of who we are, self-acceptance and healing.  It can help you make significant and powerful shifts in your life and the life of others!

Transpersonal coach
Introduction to Archetypal Alchemy
whar Your Body Wants You to Know, introductory course. Metaphysics, energy body, health, disease, healing

What Your Body Wants You To Know!

Would you like to understand more about how your actions and patterns manifest as physical symptoms in your body, contributing either to health or disease?

Would you like to feel more compassionate towards yourself, more accepting and feel more in control of your health?


If the answer is yes, then this class is for you!


What’s included :


Four classes covering :  Understanding your body’s language, Language and laws of the universe, Energetic anatomy and the chakra system,  Actions and archetypes in health and illness,  How to read your patterns, Developing intuitive insight, Nurturing self compassion.


Access to a private Facebook group for questions and support.

This course is available both on-demand ready to download and watch now, or as a live immersion experience.

Archetypal Alchemy Practitioner Training

Archetypal Alchemy  certified practitioner training. Behavioural Change, metaphysics, transpersonal psychology
Become a Certified Archetypal Alchemy Practitioner and accredited coach, and reach new depths of service and support with your clients. Download the course brochure here.

Learn how to help your clients identify how their behaviours and patterns manifest as symptoms, illness, emotional and mental blocks and how to support them to make powerful, positive changes that have far reaching effects on all areas of their lives.

This unique, online program is approved by the IPHM and IICT, meaning that upon successful completion you can gain insurance to practice - wherever you are in the world! Upon completion you can also register as an Accredited Coach with the IACTM 

You will be provided with everything you need train as an Archetypal Alchemy practitioner and begin practicing.

This live teaching program Includes 100 hours of teaching, practical experience, live practice sessions and full support from Claire, and you will build your skills and deepen your intuitive ability to understand and read archetypal patterns. 

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Contact Me

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Your body needs love, understanding and compassion.  

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