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I have always loved all things spiritual, anything that relates to health and to the human psyche. I have worked for many years in the health industry and have studied health and the human body widely. My training includes physiotherapy, health ergonomics, nutritional therapy, medical intuition, behavioural change and reiki.


I was an endurance athlete for several years, addicted to endorphins. In 2014, I began to feel significantly unwell. Minor digestive issues that had started earlier in the year took hold, I was so tired and yet I couldn’t sleep. I became increasingly fatigued and more and more dispirited.


Following numerous visits and a few tests by my GP, I became disillusioned and more depressed when I was told that there was nothing wrong with me. I spent a lot of time and money trying different healing protocols for a wide variety of issues that I almost certainly didn't have. It was overwhelming and exhausting trying to navigate the health maze!


I was eventually diagnosed with various health issues including: leaky gut, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, depression and more. I was in the midst of a dark night. I stopped exercising, researched food and herbs and began to learn about which ones might help my body recover and how. I had never completely acknowledged before that food could be so powerful or that rest and self-reflection were pivotal to wellness. I learnt that making powerful changes didn’t have to include spending a fortune on expensive and difficult to source ingredients or complex therapies. I loved what I was learning and how my body was responding and began to share my knowledge with my clients. I enrolled on a naturopathic nutrition course and then the ION nutritional therapy program to become a registered nutritional therapist.


I undertook a medical intuition course and began to understand how my symptoms were guiding me to make changes in my life and to work on some deep-rooted issues that I had buried a long time ago. I began to feel more confident and less anxious about who I was. After years of trying to change who I was to fit in, feeling inadequate and not good enough, I became comfortable being me. Finally, I was listening to my body and actually hearing what it was telling me. Around the same time I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, which helped me to rewrite some of the stories that I had been telling myself since childhood. I called upon my training in behavioural change and psychology and applied it to myself. Soon after this I developed Archetypal Alchemy, a modality that I now use with my clients, and I began to notice big shifts in my thinking and health. I am now healthier and happier than I have ever been before. 


I have the knowledge, skills AND personal experience to support you in your journey and awaken your inward revolutions. I will show you how to transmute your shadows into light, your pain into something sacred and to meet and fully accept yourself with compassion.


I will guide you to reconnect with your soul, you will learn how to listen to your inner compass and find your way back home, to you.

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