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Medical Intuition and Transformational Coaching Packages


A deep dive into both the physical and metaphysical!

Whether you are searching for help with life challenges, physical ailments or both, I can offer you support and guidance. 


My packages focus on body, mind and soul. They range from short term basic coaching, to in-depth long-term support that combines a variety of techniques and guidance, helping you examine your beliefs and approaches towards not only your symptoms and body, but yourself as a whole. Together we bring what appears hidden into view and the unconscious into the conscious, allowing you to make powerful pivots in all areas of your life.


Choose from:


A stand alone Coaching/Medical Intuition consultation £180

During this 90 - 120 minute consultation we explore what's going on for you at the present moment. We unravel your story and uncover the underlying causes that may be contributing to your current situation, feelings or symptoms. We formulate a plan and together agree on manageable goals for you to work toward. I provide your with the tools and techniques that will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your self and begin to make the changes that will help you make powerful pivots in your health and life. Also included: an audio file of the session, follow up email with relevant support.

"Claire really goes above and beyond. If you are looking for someone intuitive, honest, compassionate and wise to work with for guidance or healing - you have found the right person!' (Donna Kampa Karafotis).



One Month Coaching package £675

This package is ideal if you want a little bit more support. During the initial 90 minute consultation we explore what is coming up for you right now, uncovering the root causes, and then together we formulate a plan to help you move forward toward optimal clarity, health and wellbeing. I provide you with the tools and guidance to help you reconnect with your body, helping you to understand what your body and emotions are reflecting and how to make changes that benefit you. We meet again weekly for another ( 3x hour consultations) to review your progress and make any further changes we feel are required. I offer support in the form of one weekly email for your urgent questions and needs that can't wait until our next meeting.

"Claire's knowledge is second to none, but what I like most is that there is no judgement - every suggestion explained, so that you can make your decisions in an informed manner. I have and will continue to recommend her" (Emily Barclay)

Flex & Flow Coaching £700

This package consists of 5 x 50 minute sessions which you can use whenever you feel called, meaning that you can use them in a totally flexible way to suit your needs and support your inner flow. I am also offering a flexible payment option alongside - simply contact me to discuss. 

"Claire is non-judgmental, a fantastic listener, and a warm and understanding person. She is professional, welcoming, and puts you at ease. Claire has really helped me to make massive positive changes to the way I feel and how I live my life. It’s been a wonderful experience. " (Amy Rich).

Couples Coaching

All packages are available for both individual and couples.

All of the above packages can be booked using the links below.

if you're curious but not sure if you want to dive in, then why not book a 30 minute taster session? (cost £40, which is then fully deductible from any package you purchase).

 Concessions and discounts available on all packages and services*

*Payment plans are available for all packages, please contact me to discuss how we can partner up in a way that supports your needs. I am passionate about equity and accessibility and will try to support.

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